The Basics of Eyelash Extensions——Let's get to know


We all know that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and a pair of more beautiful eyes can add a lot to us. The key to determining the beauty of the eyes is often the thick and curly eyelashes, which can make our eyes more agile. Therefore, most female friends now like eyelash extensions. Let's konw about Lashes Extension.


  •  What Is Eyelash Extension

     Eyelash extension is to paste individual eyelashes on your own real eyelashes with glue, so as to realize the extension, thickening, thickening and warping of eyelashes, making our eyes look big and energetic.


  •  Types Of Eyelashes Extension

    Classic/Volume Lashes

    Easy Fan Lashes

    Pre made Lashes

    YY Lashes

    Colorful Lashes


     You can choose different types of eyelashes according to your needs


  • How To Get Natural Eyelash Extensions

    The curl and length of your lashes determine how natural your lashes will look. Different eye shapes are suitable for different curls and lengths, remember to listen to the advice of the eyelash artist.


  • Care After Eyelash Extensions

     Do not touch water within 3 hours of grafting eyelashes, water will destroy the effect of glue and affect the durability of eyelash extension.

     Reduce the use of oil-based makeup removers and avoid vigorous rubbing.


After reading these, do you already understand what are eyelash extensions . Then, some people will ask, should I do eyelash extensions?Are lash extensions worth it ? Please put aside these troubles, your beauty is up to you.