Babe Pink Series Accessory Kit


Material: Cashmere Material
Pure manual production
Soft, natural, with good curl retension effect
Foil back paper strip for easily peeling from the label
Provide private customization services


Babe pink training Kit 4

All these supplies will help you speed up your lashing time and improve the quality in each step. We have ALL PINK prepared for you, keep adding more pink tools~


5* Ring Cups: hold the glue with long retention, reduce the air exposure 

5* Glitter Brushes: for eyelash and eyebrow brushing

5* Lip Brushes: for lip brushing and maintenance

5* Tapes: for eyelash isolation, breathable and soft  

2* Tweezers: for isolation, placement and application

5* crystal stones 

5* pink blowers 

5* glue holders 

5* tube glitter brushes