Volume & Classic Lashes Training Kit


Material: Cashmere Material
Pure manual production
Soft, natural, with good curl retension effect
Foil back paper strip for easily peeling from the label
Provide private customization services


Strongly recommend the Practice Kit2


  • one practise head
  • 50pcs eyepatches 
  • 5 trays individual lashes (2 trays volume lashes & 3 trays classic lashes )
  • 10pcs brushes 
  • 10pcs micro applicators 
  • 1* blower 
  • 2* tapes 
  • 10*glue rings


Be carefull to keep the lash tray clean, if you accidentally drop the glue on the tray, better clean it with the lash removal. Otherwise it will be hard to clean. We suggest you choose 5-10 trays one time, one tray for practise, the others for displaying if needed.