Luxury Classic Eyelash Students Training Kit


Material: Cashmere Material
Pure manual production
Soft, natural, with good curl retension effect
Foil back paper strip for easily peeling from the label
Provide private customization services


Get Luxury training kit 3 

-1*Luxury Mannequin Doll (3pairs eyelids)

-5*russian volume 0.05  8-16mm Mix (Curls randomly)

-5*classic 0.15/0.20 8-16mm Mix (Curls randomly)


-1*stainless steel isolation tweezer

-1*stainless steel volume tweezer

-1*10 pcs eyepatches

-1*10 pcs micro applicators

-1*10 pcs glitter brushes


-1*100pcs glue rings